Pristine Media

Our Process

Initial Consultation

During a free initial consultation by phone or in person, we will seek to learn about you, your business and its media needs. We will then make recommendations based on this information and explain how each addresses the specific needs discussed.

Proposal Submission

Based on the initial consultation and resulting research, a proposal will be prepared and submitted to you for consideration. Specific to your business, the proposal will include a full description of the development plan for the project and an exact quote of the project fee and recurring fees (if applicable). The quoted project fee will only change if additional requests are made and features are added later in the process.

Service Agreement

If the proposal is accepted, a service agreement will be drafted, formalizing the details of the project, such as the work to be done, fees charged, date of completion, responsibilities of each party, etc. The service agreement will include all changes made to the original proposal. Once drafted, any additional changes needing to be made to the service agreement may be submitted prior to signing. Any resulting changes in the quoted project fee will be made clear.

First 1/2 of Project Fee Due

Upon signing of the service agreement, the first 1/2 of the quoted project fee will be due prior to beginning the project.

Design and Development Consultation

To begin design and development, we will once again consult with you by phone or in person to discuss specifics of the project and any details not already discussed and/or decided upon. The addition of some features at this point may require fees outside the already agreed upon project fee. In this case, those fees will be formalized with completion of a change order, and they will be added to the remaining project fee balance.

Design and Development

Design and development will begin with the visual design of the project. We will use your business' current branding position as a guide for the visual design, as well as any outside sources you provide. After submitting the visual design for consideration, a back-and-forth dialogue will take place, helping to finalize the visual design for use in development of the rest of project. At this point, content (text, photos, graphics, audio, video, etc) will be needed from you so development can begin.

Using all of the information acquired in the process to this point, the approved visual design and content already provided, development of the project will begin. We will strive to make the best decisions possible using the information we have gathered to this point, but final approval will always remain with you.

Pre-Launch Review and Modifications

Prior to the launch of the project, you will have the ability to review the project in its entirety and submit pre-launch modifications. Any changes required will need to be submitted via a written checklist. Using this written checklist as the definitive guide, pre-launch modifications will be made, fully preparing the project for launch.

Remaining Balance of Project Fee Due

Prior to the launch of your project, the remaining balance of the project fee will be due. This will include any additional fees from change orders submitted after the signing of the service agreement.

Project Launch

Once full payment has been received and the project has been approved for launch, we will proceed with launch. Once the project has been launched, all future changes will fall under maintenance, previously set forth in the service agreement.


To complete the process, we will seek and welcome your evaluation of our work and how we conducted ourselves on your behalf. This step is optional, but the insights that can be drawn from it will help us provide better service heading forward.

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