Who We Are

Who We Are

Dinosaur Games, founded in 2011, is an independent boutique game developer that is passionate about creating and publishing addictive, fun and intuitive video games that are digitally downloadable and can be played on PCs, MACs and game consoles.

Our promise, whether you are an experienced gamer, novice, core or casual gamer, is to build digitally downloadable games that are:


We expect our games to engage the mind and emotions of gamers; to immerse them in an experience they can enjoy over and over again.


We expect our games to be fun; to bring a smile to gamers’ faces, a tingle to their fingertips and joy to their heart.


We want people to be able to download our games and immediately be able to interact with the game’s characters. We don’t want gamers to have to purchase books or search online blogs to figure out how to successfully play our games; instead, we want the experience to be intuitive.

At Dinosaur Games, our core strengths include:

  • •Innovative story development and game design;
  • •Best-in-class character and background design;
  • •Best-in-class animation and rigging;
  • •Top-shelf fighting engine;
  • •Inspiring scores to support the story;
  • •Ability to publish across multiple digital platforms, including Nintendo, PlayStation, Steam and XBLA.

What's New With Us

Rococo VR released to Gear VR Experiences Store.

Dinosaur Art Directed this experimental experience and provided some animation support.
Download it here!

Dinosaur + Groove Jones = A winning combination again!

Dinosaur provided Rigging, Technical Animation support, Management, Character support to bring the very well recieved American Horror Store Fearless VR Experience to ComicCon 2016!
Read more about it here!

Finding Monsters is a finalist for Best Game and Best Art at SBGames in Brazil.

Finding Monsters continues to impress as it reaches the finals for Best Art, Design, and Game for Brazil’s SBGames.