MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall

MechKnight Chronicles

About The Game

MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall is the first of three games in Dinosaur Games’ trilogy series: MechKnight Chronicles. Knightfall is a side scrolling beat ‘um up in the same vein as “Guardian Heroes,” “Knights of the Round,” and “King of the Dragons.” The game is designed to bring people together by offering several modes of play, including an action-packed, 4-player co-op experience and a competitive experience using VS mode. MechKnight Chronicles bridges the gap between Eastern and Western audiences, in essence creating a globally-appealing gaming experience. The company released a pre-alpha version of the game in 2013 that was showcased at PAX East. The game has been accepted on the PSN platform, Nintendo platform and Steam.

The Storyline

An ancient evil has returned from the pages of myth to bring ruin to the world. A small band of unlikely heroes have been spared and given the chance to fight back. You choose the hero, you hone your skills, and together, you can save the world.

Gameplay Trailer


What's New With Us

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Dinosaur provided Rigging, Technical Animation support, Management, Character support to bring the very well recieved American Horror Store Fearless VR Experience to ComicCon 2016!
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