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Jim Sterling Talks About MechKnight Chronicles

Robert Brackenridge, Game FactorE

“The Dinosaur team really captured the personality of the characters we had conceived. Through expert modeling, texturing, rigging and animation, the team at Dinosaur brought our zany, redneck characters to life.”

Game Fan 365

“While GameFan 365 was at SCG, we saw some great looking indie titles, but the most promising was MechKnight Chronicles by indie development studio Dinosaur Games.”


“You give MechKnight Chronicles another year, and we could have a brand new Castle Crashers on our hands at the rate these guys are going.”


“This pre-alpha build of the game plays and feels more put together than most “AAA” releases out there.”

atgamer magazine.com

“Castle Crashers watch out!”

Michael Mendheim (creator of Mutant Football League and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

“Travis is a consummate professional who is easy to work with and puts his soul into his animations. Whether it’s a mutant football player celebrating a sack or a dinosaur eating its prey, Travis always delivers the goods.”

What's New With Us

Rococo VR released to Gear VR Experiences Store.

Dinosaur Art Directed this experimental experience and provided some animation support.
Download it here!

Dinosaur + Groove Jones = A winning combination again!

Dinosaur provided Rigging, Technical Animation support, Management, Character support to bring the very well recieved American Horror Store Fearless VR Experience to ComicCon 2016!
Read more about it here!

Finding Monsters is a finalist for Best Game and Best Art at SBGames in Brazil.

Finding Monsters continues to impress as it reaches the finals for Best Art, Design, and Game for Brazil’s SBGames.