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  • Lighting Effects By Design

The Forerunner of a New Business Model

Lighting Effects By Design is the forerunner of a new business model in lighting.

We specialize in being a provider across all product lines and technologies to customers who buy lighting for their own use. We also engage interior designers and architects who design projects for their customers.

Their customers may be a single person with a desire for a unique design job for their residence or commercial project. Or, they may be commercial companies who desire a competent design for the lighting of their own facilities. The designers may be a single interior designer working with clients to render the unique effect for the residential or commercial customer. Or, the designer may work to specify and plan for a larger commercial facility for their customer.

Why Lighting Effects By Design?

The mission of Lighting Effects By Design is to work with customers and designers to make them successful in their endeavors. We don't try to sell these people lighting. We use our lighting expertise and years of experience to make their lighting projects successful and on-time.

We do this by engaging the customer and/or designer early in the planning and design phase of a project. We continue through the pricing/quoting steps and on to sourcing "appropriate to the task" lighting products. We are able to get any product needed and are not committed to any one lighting supplier or technology.

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