Business Minded, Creatively Driven

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Entertainment is not just a hobby for the three business minded geniuses that head the independent NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT; it is their life. NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT is an Atlanta, Georgia based independent label formed in 2009 and founded by Ace Black, Kevin Hill, and Maurice Millard (aka “Willy Haze”). NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT was incorporated in 2010.

Black, Hill and Millard met in a suburban Atlanta high school. The three were eager to express their business ideas and knowledge so they decided to link up and form NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT. Black and Hill handle the business negotiations for NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT. Black earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Florida A&M University in August 2004. Black runs and operates NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT’s in house recording studio. Hill is an entrepreneur, business owner, and event/club promoter. Millard is the brains behind the music and creativity of NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT.

With the collaboration of Black, Hill, and Millard’s experience, thoughts and skills, the three have made a name for themselves within the entertainment industry. Willy Haze is the first artist signed to NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT. Willy Haze has a very unique, blunt, comical, uplifting, and motivational style of art. He showcases an array of controversial topics, real life experiences, and versatile lyrics. NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT prides them self on being a creative, unique, and innovative label. NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT’s mission is to acquire a deal with a major record label. With a major deal, NORTH STAR ENTERTAINMENT can finally get the national attention they deserve.

North Star Entertainment